Advice for Garage Maintenance During the Fall

By: azadmin
November 1, 2021

Garage Maintenance

Advice for Garage Maintenance During the Fall

Fall is almost here, which means it’s time to clean, declutter, and maintain the garage. A well-maintained garage and garage door spares homeowners additional expenses during the winter and provides ease of mind knowing everything is in order. Below are seven tips for garage maintenance during the fall.

Double-check the door

The garage door is often the largest mechanical piece in a home and can be the source of many problems. It’s essential to check that springs, tracks, and rollers are in perfect order. The tracks should be debris- and rust-free, and perfectly vertical. The springs and rollers should be lubricated and inspected for wear and tear.

Look for gaps

Any instances of light or air gaps in the garage should be taken care of. The openings can be sealed to minimize air drafts and prevent water from seeping in. The best way to approach this is with weather-stripping or a sealant.

Schedule a professional inspection

Any garage doors issue should be investigated. Professional garage door contractors can repair and prep the major components for the colder season. Plus, years of experience help them locate problems and propose the right fixes.

Organize tools and supplies

Autumn is the best time to declutter and organize garage belongings to prepare for the colder months when people are more likely to park their cars inside. It’s essential to have enough room to avoid scratches and such. As you declutter the space, remember to organize the supplies and tools in one area. It may be a good idea to get additional shelving or cabinets for all the things that have nowhere to go.

Clean the floor

Clean floors make any indoor space look fresh. Fall is a convenient time to scrub the garage floors, sweep out the corners, and brush away dust mites and spider webs. It’s best to use a dust mask and run the blower to push most of the dirt outside.

Check the foundation and walls

While you’re in the garage, it can’t hurt to check the structural integrity of the building. Inspect the exterior and the interior of the walls. Look for any instances of mold or cracks. Anything bigger than a quarter of an inch shouldn’t be left alone. If the damage seems significant, it’s best to contact professional services to fill the cracks and prepare them for winter.

Safety inspection

Overall, a clean and well-organized space is rarely a tripping or fire hazard. However, any chemicals should be stored at a safe distance from each other. Also, it’s good to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Switch out the batteries if they start beeping sporadically. Finally, detectors that are over ten years old should be replaced.

Ready for the fall

A clean and well-maintained garage is a safe place for one’s cars, tools, and supplies during the winter. Most cleaning and decluttering tasks can be performed on your own, but it’s best to summon the professionals for any garage door and repair services.

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