Company Check List

By: azadmin
January 27, 2014

Before choosing a garage door company, we recommend using this check list to pick the best business for you!

1.     Large Product Selection
a.      Do they have a wide selection of products that fit your specific needs?

2.     Field Experience
a.      Are they specialists in Garage door installation and repair? How long have they been in business?

3.     Professionalism
a.      Are they trained, certified professional installers and technicians? Is the company doing the work or are they contracting it out to a different source?

4.     Flexible Schedule
a.      Do they show up when they are scheduled? Do they have 24/7 emergency service available?

5.     Warranty
a.      Do they stand behind their work with a Warranty on parts and labor?

6.     Reputation
a.      Are they a reputable company that is local, licensed, bonded and insured with a track record of providing the best in products and customer service?

7.     Quality
a.      Do they perform quality garage door repairs and replacements?

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