Don’t Overlook These Garage Storage Solution Systems

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March 8, 2019
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With a new season approaching, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home, starting with the garage. The most pertinent task? Cutting material clutter. Because the garage tends to be a place where we offload everything we can’t commit to discarding at that moment, functionality often declines, causing us to park in the driveway or buy multiples of something we already own. The latter is easier than dealing with the headache of searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if there is no usable garage storage solution systems installed, right?

Here are some idea to help cut the clutter and free up floor space.


If you recently watched the Marie Kondo special on Netflix, the lesson to be learned is that if something doesn’t “spark joy,” you should donate it. Kondo also recommend focusing on categories (i.e., holiday decorations, tools, sports equipment, etc.), as this will help you get rid of duplicates and items that have overstayed their welcome. Once you’ve minimized the contents of your garage, the next step is to add garage storage solution systems in areas you’ve barely given a second glance – against the wall and above your head. These systems will free up tons of floor space.

Expert Tip: To stay on the right track, take inventory of your garage once a year, minimum.

Garage Storage Solution #1: Utility Shelves

Utility shelves are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Found at most any home improvement store or warehouse, they provide easy access to frequently used items such as sports equipment, lawn tools and more. Experts recommend storing loose items in clear bins with labels. This will allow you to efficiently identify what’s stored in which container without having to go through each box. Also, it’s a good idea to rotate bins, from front to back according to the season (i.e., spring/summer, or fall/winter).

Garage Storage Solution: #2: Overhead Racks

Look up to find additional storage space. Overhead racks are the perfect solution for maximizing storage space. Occasionally used items such as holiday décor and camping gear are easily stored above your head using suspension systems. That means more available space on your utility shelves for frequently used items. Available storage capacities include 750 lb. (ceiling mounted) or 1000 lb. (ceiling and wall mounted). When properly used, they are also designed to prevent swaying.

Garage Storage Solution #3: Slatwall or Pegboards

Slatwalls are great for hanging rakes, shovels, brooms and more. A wide range of accessories are available, from hooks for hanging landscaping equipment to baskets for storing auto cleaning supplies. Shelves are also available. Alternatively, you can install pegboards all along the top half of one wall, leaving space for a custom-built garage workbench on the lower half. You could also store larger equipment, like a lawnmower, directly under your choice of system.

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