Garage Door Replacement Buying Guide

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January 25, 2016

garage door replacement

Upgrading your garage door is among one of the more popular home improvement projects you can do. According to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2016, a garage door replacement is one of those projects that are guaranteed to generate the biggest bang for your buck, as it can increase your property values by up to 91.5 percent*.

Small wonder really!

Your garage door does it all when it comes to increasing the appearance of your home and making a good first impression with passersby’s (or potential buyers). This is especially true for homes with garages that occupy up to 30 percent of the front facade. If you’re ready to scout out a new garage door, take a deep breath, and read our buying guide: You’ll be amazed at the available options.

Garage Door Replacement Basics

Sizes: The importance of accurate measurements in the garage door industry cannot be overstated – particularly since each garage door opening is unique. To determine the correct size you’ll need, please click here.

Styles: It’s important to choose a style that complements your home’s exterior. From traditional carriage house doors to contemporary full view doors, there are a wide variety of styles for you to select from.

Safety: A garage door is not only one of the largest moving objects in your home, it is also the heaviest, which is why manufacturers have designed today’s doors with your safety in mind. Today’s doors include features such as automatic reversal, safety eyes, and more.

Garage Door Construction

Aluminum Garage Doors: Construction features rust-resistance, which is ideal for humid, hot environments – as found in Arizona. Choose between various frame finishes and glass inserts for a contemporary look.

Steel Garage Doors: Steel garage doors offer the broadest range of color, insulation, and price options. Molding overlays give the appearance of carriage doors. Choose entry level, single-layer, non-insulated, or premium-quality.

Wood Garage Doors: There’s simply no substitute for the distinctive look of wood. Wood garage doors are made from your choice of moisture-resistant cedar, redwood or cypress, and offers the most flexibility for custom designs.

Composite Garage Doors: Composite garage doors are known for their resistance to moisture, warping, and changes in humidity. Composite excels at mimicking the look of real wood. It’s insulated and can be painted or stained.

To Insulate or Not?

Whether we use it to safeguard our cars, store household overspill, or get our daily workout in (or all of the above) our garages provide a layer of convenience not found elsewhere. No matter what you use your garage for, you may want to consider choosing an insulated door – particularly since the garage door impact’s your home’s energy efficiency. A insulated door will help reduce exterior noise, and increase your energy efficiency, as well as your comfort.

Let Arizona Garage Door & Repair Install It

It’s easier, not to mention safer, to have a garage door professional remove your old door and install the new one in its place. We at Arizona Garage Door & Repair are proud to have assisted hundreds of homeowners in the purchase and installation of garage door replacement. Learn more about our services.

*Midrange models (90.1 percent for upscale models)

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