Ideas for Garage Door Holiday Decorating

By: azadmin
November 30, 2017
Garage Door Holiday Decorating

‘Tis the season that makes our toasty summers totally worth it. We can’t think of a better way to express tidings of comfort and joy than by decorating your home’s exterior. Can you? Whether stringing lights, hanging wreaths or staking a holiday sign in your front yard, don’t overlook your Phoenix garage door. After all, it is your home’s largest blank canvas; occupying most of the street frontage.

Here are six garage door holiday decorating ideas to keep in mind this season.

Gift Wrapped Garage Door

Who doesn’t love getting presents? Buy wide plastic or velvet ribbons and bows in your choice of color at your local craft store or big box retailer. With the door completely closed and powered off, simply thread one side of the ribbon through the door horizontally and vertically, securing with box tape on the door’s inside.

Holiday Wreathes

One of the easiest ways to decorate your garage door is to simply place a holiday wreath above it. Wreathes are available in sizes up to 60-inches. Make a unique statement by adding your own personal touch to an unlit, non-decorated noble fir wreath.

Garland and Swag

Frame the outside of the garage door with garland. Command hooks can be used to hang garland around the garage door. Combine with white or colored lights. You can also place some swag over the lights on both sides of your garage door (if applicable).

Holiday Signs

Welcome Santa, friends, and family with cute holiday signs. Use stencils or stamps to create some catchy phrases for your signs, such as “Believe,” “Joy,” “Farm Fresh Trees for Sale,” or “Santa, Define Good.” Use scrap wood to craft two corresponding signs and place on both sides of the garage door.

Star Light Projectors

Everyone will enjoy a dazzling star shower or seasonal message projection. Simply stake in the ground and project onto your garage door. You can purchase these at most big box retailers. Some models are available with sound.

Reusable Holiday Murals

There is a wide variety of reusable murals that can be purchased at many retailers as well as online through Amazon. These attach to your garage door with magnets, making it quick and easy to put up and when the season is through, take down.

A word of caution before garage door holiday decorating:

If while decorating for the holidays, you see or hear something amiss with your garage door, immediately contact a garage door repair professional for prompt service.

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