Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair

By: azadmin
April 22, 2020

In our last blog, we talked about the signs that point toward the need for a new garage door. But, not all garage doors need to be replaced at the first sign of a problem. There are times when you might be able to get away with having the garage door repaired instead of replaced. This is especially true if the garage door has had regular service and maintenance. Here are signs that it may be possible to repair, rather than replace the garage door:

Delayed or poor function

If you hit the garage door remote button, the door should open or close immediately. If there is a delay, or if it hitches during operation (either opening or closing), there’s something wrong. Even if it’s only a slight delay, homeowners generally know how their devices operate and are sensitive to changes. If a homeowner feels the door is lagging, it probably is. A pro can troubleshoot it during maintenance.

The door is off the track

If the door hasn’t been hit or bumped by something, but it’s off the tracks, this is a sign that there is probably something else wrong with it. Garage doors don’t just hop off the tracks for no reason. Call a garage door tech to analyze the problem and make it right.

Excessive noise

It’s a fact that some garage door types are noisier than others, and that an older door will make more noise than a newer door. But, when a garage door starts making an excessive amount of noise, it’s because there is a problem. It could be the spring is getting ready to fail, the opener is under too much pressure, or something else. Have it repaired as soon as you can.

Failed operation

If a garage door doesn’t operate correctly, there is the chance that it will eventually fail. If it fails, that is also a sign that it needs service or repair. Sometimes a door will fail without giving any warning. If this is the case, it could merely be the remote. If it refuses to close, there could be something blocking the door.
The garage door must also pass the safety check you should perform every year to be safe.
The great thing about having a garage door repaired is that it could save you the cost of a replacement, by having whatever component is damaged before it can break the door, itself. While it’s not always possible to repair a garage door, we will always try to fix it before we recommend replacement if it’s reasonable to do so. We understand that you want to get the best value for your money and that if you can get a few more years out of the old garage door and opener, that’s the best option.

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