Top 10 Companies That Started From A Garage

By: azadmin
August 25, 2014

We have noticed a pattern throughout history, related to garage doors! I guess you can say that greatness has happened behind many machine operated doors. If you keep your garage clean and usable, you may find that some of your most inspirational, life changing thoughts can come from inside your garage. Arizona Garage Door and Repair has put together a list of the most popular business that have started from their garage’s.

1. Mattel (They make products like, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and all of those other plastic toys the kids scream for during the holidays)

2. Harley-Davidson (The most recognizable motorcycles that portray the essence of “cool” )

3. Nike (They have become so popular that they are even recognized by for their “check mark” logo)

4. Disney (Come on, the happiest place on earth, need we say more?!)

5. Hewlett-Packard (“This company went on to become one of the largest multinational computer hardware suppliers in the world”

6. Apple (Whether you are into the Apple products or not, Steve Jobs left a mark on history with the ingenious ideas he formulated in his garage)

7. Google (Two Stanford Students decided to rent a garage and build one of the largest search engines. We are still reaping the benefit of their hard work)

8. Amazon ( Once the internet took off, lots of dot-com companies attempted to find success, but many failed. Amazon came out strong and still remains a popular and regularly used company)

9. Microsoft (Bill Gates and Paul Allen were two college drop outs who ended up hitting a gold mind when they put their brains together. Creating a company that has helped forge the digital age!)

10. Vivint – (They became the large home security, home automation and energy conservation services in the US)

We love to look back and see the kind of impact people have made by working out of their garage. We take pride in creating a home environment that is safe and effective for you and your family. If you have any small garage door repairs, or would like to upgrade your existing one, please contact us. The next time you think of your garage, remember that some of the greatest companies got their start in that concrete room!  Visit us at: Arizona Garage Door And Repair.

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