What Causes a Garage Door to Go Off Track?

By: azadmin
May 1, 2022
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A garage door that has come off its track is much more than a nuisance. It could be a safety hazard as the door could fall off entirely. A faulty door can cause significant property damage or injury to anyone in the vicinity. Understanding what may cause a garage door to experience this issue could help prevent a malfunction.

Here are some common reasons why a garage door may come off-track.

Car impact

Hitting the garage door with a car is a common reason for the door coming off its track. Backing out or driving into the garage without paying enough attention could result in an accident that damages the garage door. Even a gentle knock can affect the integrity of the rail.

Low-quality track

Tracks need to be sturdy enough to support the garage door’s weight. Rails made from inferior materials can buckle, causing the rail to become misaligned. Tracks should be made of at least 14-gauge steel and fastened correctly. A licensed garage door technician can ensure that the door mechanism is up to standard.

Cable break

Each side of the garage door has a lift cable that facilitates opening and closing the door. The cable lifts wind around drums with grooves for it to sit on. A misalignment of the cord causes the door to sag on one side. The extra weight placed on the door mechanism will cause it to come off the track.

Rollers break

Rollers glide along the length of the rail, enabling the door to open and shut smoothly. If even one roller breaks, the door’s weight can shift, straining the remaining rollers. The longer this strain continues, the higher the likelihood of door misalignment.

Damaged door

A garage door that has warped or bent in some sections can come off its track. A bent door forces the rollers to pull away from the rail, straining the rest of the mechanism and resulting in misalignment.

Wear and tear

The garage door’s constant up and down movement can cause wear and tear. Nuts, springs, cables, and other components weaken over time with usage. Loose hardware can cause structural failures in parts of the door that make it come off track. It’s essential to carry out routine maintenance to replace vulnerable parts before more extensive damage occurs.

Maintenance routine

The components of a garage door mechanism work together to facilitate the closing and opening of the unit. Lubricating rollers and checking nuts and bolts could go a long way to ensuring the door’s longevity. 

For proper garage door maintenance, it’s advisable to call in a licensed technician to ensure that all components are in prime condition.

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