What Causes Garage Door Misalignment

By: azadmin
July 30, 2020

A misaligned track is one of the most problematic issues affecting the performance and integrity of garage doors. Every homeowner experiences an unbalanced or a crooked garage door. It indicates that there is a severe problem with your garage door that requires immediate attention and action. A misaligned garage door makes unwanted noises while going up and down. A gap between the rollers and the rail, bent rail, door opening and closing slowly, and rubbing noises are some of the signs that the garage door track is misaligned and needs immediate repair.

It is essential to understand what can lead to a garage door misalignment. Here are a few common causes that may result in a garage door going off-track:


If a vehicle has hit the garage door, not necessarily at a fast speed, the entire door system can get shaken. It may result in rollers coming off their tracks. Many people also use garages as a space to store a lot of their stuff. If a pile of boxes or any other heavy object falls on the garage door or parts, it can cause slight problems with the alignment.

Age of the garage door

One of the most common causes of garage door misalignment is the old and outdated tracks. Over time, with constant use, the garage door tracks become worn and damaged. It is essential to regularly maintain them, as poor maintenance can lead to rust build-up, which can cause alignment issues. Over time, the building that houses the garage may settle, causing the frame to shift gradually. The hardware of the garage door is connected to the frame. Therefore even a small shift can cause misalignment.

Poorly lubricated door rollers

Lubrication helps the rollers to function smoothly. If the garage door rollers are not lubricated correctly, the lack of smooth movement can damage the door cables and bend the tracks.


Loose screws, hinges, and bolts can cause a misalignment in garage doors. Bent, damaged, or broken tracks can also affect the smooth operation of the garage doors. Regularly inspect the garage door for any hardware issues and fix them immediately to avoid expensive repairs.


Spring and cables are the key components of a garage door track. Broken springs or jumped cables need an immediate replacement for proper functioning.


Harsh weather, high-intensity winds, and cold temperatures can also cause garage door misalignment.

Importance of aligned garage doors

A well-aligned garage door ensures smooth functioning. If you leave the garage door misaligned, it may get stuck open or close, leaving the house vulnerable. When left to stay off-balanced for long, it can fall off the track, leading to grave injury and costly repairs.

If your garage door is facing alignment issues due to one of the reasons mentioned above, call a professional garage door repair company to fix it before it gets worse. They have the tools and equipment required to safely and successfully realign the garage door. If a prolonged misalignment has caused multiple bends in the track, it is advisable to change the garage door track.

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