A Simple Guide to Smart Garage Door Openers

By: azadmin
February 1, 2023
Smart Garage Door Openers

Being away from home and realizing the garage door is still open isn’t exactly a great way to start the day. However, this makes smart garage door openers an excellent option for homeowners. So, if one thinks a smart garage door opener would be helpful in the home, this article will give some insights into how they work.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Simply put, smart garage door openers use Wi-Fi and sensors to send relevant information to and from an associated mobile app. Using the mobile app, a homeowner can see information about their garage door, including whether it is shut or open, the last time it was accessed, and so on.

Like regular garage doors, smart garage doors open and close with an electric motor. The only difference is that, unlike traditional motorized doors, the movements of smart garage doors are remotely controlled via smartphones and voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Fortunately, installing these openers isn’t a hassle because the homeowner doesn’t have to replace the entire garage door or the motor. Instead, they must acquire a smart garage hub, a specialized device that allows them to control the existing motor remotely.

Luckily, most hubs work with existing garage door motors, so finding one that works with their door shouldn’t be a problem. However, different motors require different smart garage hubs. Therefore, a homeowner should find a professional to help them choose a hub that works with their current garage door motor.

Smart garage hubs have different prices, but one can generally expect to pay more for advanced features and capabilities.

How a smart garage hub works

The hub comes with a sensor and a controller. The sensor is attached to the garage door, and its function is to detect whether the door is open or shut and relay that information to the associated app. Meanwhile, the controller has wires connecting to the current motor’s opening and closing command nodes, which relay the instruction to open or close the door.

The controller needs a strong Wi-Fi connection for the whole system to work correctly. So, a homeowner must ensure that their Wi-Fi signal is accessible in the garage. If not, the router’s location will need to be adjusted to meet this new requirement.

Another benefit of these hubs is that they will continue to work with existing garage door remotes, so there’s no need to replace them.

A smart garage door opener is the best way to make a home garage more efficient.

Install a smart garage door opener

When installing a smart garage door opener, consult a professional for a custom price quote and further project details. The right professional knows where to find high-quality smart garage door openers that provide maximum durability and functionality. They also know how to properly install smart garage hubs so one won’t incur unnecessary replacement costs.

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