The Benefits of a Smart garage door opener.

By: azadmin
February 17, 2020

As Smart things become more ubiquitous, we have to ask ourselves how and where the money we put into our Smart products will do the most good for our ease of living, peace of mind, and control.


A Smart garage door will fit this bill and then some. Far from being an unnecessary luxury item, it will be a product the homeowner will use multiple times a day, at just the moment when convenience is paramount. Here we talk about some of the features a Smart garage door opener can offer:




Get alerts when someone is using the garage door, so you never have to wonder if your loved one got home safely again. Alerts don’t just extend to informing you of the arrival of your school-age children or newly-licensed teen. A Smart garage door opener can give a homeowner the higher end security that Smart monitoring offers.



The history of the garage opener will tell the homeowner when and for how long the garage door was open. We have all arrived at work or some other away spot and had the momentary anxiety about whether the garage door was secured. A Smart garage door opener will have that on record.  It will also record when the door was opened and closed, a handy reference for the homeowner who wonders if someone in the family took out the garbage.




Also, should anyone ever need access to the home through the garage, a Smart garage door opener can control up to three garage doors. The app allows a homeowner to offer others access, provides a video feed, and even has a night vision feature. Whether it’s Amazon wanting to drop off a large package, or relatives arriving unexpectedly to your home when you’re miles away, this access offers more than access to the homeowner when they’ve forgotten their keys.


Chain drives


Some chain drives have the Wifi option built into them, making this noisier option a way to integrate a Smart door opener immediately. If a chain drive doesn’t already have that feature, a home bridge can be purchased to control it. Chain drive openers also may or may not have the Smart feature.


A chain drive also has the added benefit of being stronger than a belt drive. For some heavy garage doors, it’s the safer option.




A keypad is another feature that some families want. When a family member arrives or leaves via the garage, a keypad will give him the means to shut the garage by using the external keypad.



Not all Smart garage devices will be compatible with all home systems, and sometimes, there will be a monthly fee attached, depending on the device. So, it’s worth a homeowner’s time to shop wisely to make sure he gets what he wants and what will work with his home hub. But, with WiFI, Bluetooth, and cellular options, there is something for everyone in the world of Smart garage door openers.




We offer professional installation of a Smart garage door control. Some homeowners have their new controller installed and schedule a yearly garage door inspection at the same time. Regardless of what a homeowner chooses, a Smart garage control is well worth consideration for the convenience, control, and peace of mind it offers.

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