Fancy Garage Flooring

By: azadmin
November 4, 2014

So many times when we think of home improvements we think of kitchen remodels or back yard makeovers. People rarely think of upgrading their garage to match the rest of their home upgrades.  Your garage door floor most likely is the most warn down part of your home. If you take a peek out into your garage and you see oil stains, tire marks, and scuffs on the floor, we have some great solution for you.

Choosing to paint your garage floor will not only enhance the whole look of your garage, but with the right paint it can actually make it spill resistant. So you get showroom quality with added practicality!

The most crucial part of painting your garage floor, is the preparation! It happens to be the easiest part to underestimate. Make sure you remove and equipment or extra storage containers that are laying around your garage. Prepare the floor by sweeping dust and derbies from all the crack and crevasse. Once you are finished, hose off the floor to insure that you will create a smooth surface for your paint job. Let it dry overnight so you aren’t working with damp concrete.

You will most likely see a lot of options for garage floor paints when you go to your local hardware store. Don’t be overwhelmed. We have found that epoxy is the best choice to go with. (You can always consult one of the representatives that work there if you get lost) Choose the best fit for your home, and something that won’t go out of style over time.

Choose a day with nice weather, around 50 to 80 degrees outside, and then paint away. You should be left with a beautiful showroom quality garage floor!

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