Does the cold weather affect your garage door?

By: azadmin
December 3, 2014

As the weather has officially cooled down, we have customers who ask if the cool air is affecting their garage door. If you have already noticed that your garage door hardware is getting worn down or rusted, the cold air will only increase any screeching or shakiness that your garage door has been experiencing.

So how can you prevent your garage door hardware from getting increasingly worse?

Of course there are preventative measures we encourage all of our customers to be aware of, such as¬†regular maintenance check ups. But, we understand that schedules get busy and your garage door functionality isn’t your number one priority. Although it may not be a conscious thought for you, we care about your home and the condition of your garage door. If you haven’t been able to keep up with any maintenance, you can still call for a routine check up. If you notice your garage door shaking, making loud noises or having trouble opening or closing, we have professionals that can diagnose the symptoms. We have garage door solutions for you!

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