Garage Door Replacement Offers Curb Appeal and Options

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January 7, 2020

The National ‘Cost versus Value’ rankings for the year 2020 by Remodeling Magazine haven’t come out yet. However, we feel confident they will still rank replacing your garage door as one of the highest ROI of all remodeling projects rated for the fourth year in a row. In 2019 the Phoenix area came in at a 102% ROI garage door replacement.

Why consider a garage door replacement?

There are two reasons for this ranking. The first is curb appeal! Nothing beats visibility when it comes to curb appeal. Because the garage door is one of the most primarily visible parts of the home from the curb, it can make a huge difference in the look of a home when the garage door is replaced, especially if it is upgraded even slightly.

So, the wise home seller who replaces the garage door is not only creating more curb appeal; he may also be raising the resale value of his home by more than the cost of a new garage door. Of course, anyone who is considering a home sale should be watching the ROI of improvements closely.

Choosing a style

The choices in garage door styles are better than ever, thanks to an abundant variety of designs. The primary focus when selecting a style should be on the style of the house. A homeowner has two great options: to make the new garage blend seamlessly with the house or to choose a style that will stand out and be the focal point of the front of the home or garage.


Windows allow light, making them a highly desirable addition to the garage doors of every style. Some of the available options include frosted, tinted, and integrated grid. These also involve varying degrees of security. But a second consideration is heat, particularly here in Arizona. Glass on the western or southern exposures can be a climate control issue for the garage.

Material options

Before choosing a material, the homeowner should consider the available texture options. For example, silk grain, sand grain, micro-grain are some of the compositions available for the surface of the door. There is also a wide variety of panel types from which to choose.

R-value rating

The reasons for seeking the R-value rating of a garage may surprise you since we don’t live in snow country. In addition to the energy efficiency and insulating your garage door from weather, R-rating will also reduce noise and increase durability. Because we live in a monsoon state, that durability is worth a second look. Plus, if anything is stored in the garage that could freeze, the R-value is handy.

A garage door expert can install your new garage door to ensure smooth operation, great looks, and a beautiful door. By working together, a homeowner and expert can find a door that will boost the curb appeal of the home, provide the qualities the homeowner desires, and remain within budgetary limitations.

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