Garage Sale Season is Here!

By: azadmin
May 20, 2015

garage sale

Do you need to de-clutter your home? There’s no better way to clean out your closets and fatten your wallet than by hosting a weekend garage sale. With the proper planning, organizing and help, you can turn your unwanted items into cold, hard cash. Here’s some helpful advice to get your started.

Garage Sale Tips

Create a Buzz

If you want your sale to have a good turn out, you must first spread the word. There are a lot of good ways to announce your upcoming sale – many of which are free. Start by putting a free ad on Craigslist and your personal Facebook page. Don’t forget about using popular garage sale apps to announce your sale as well.

The night before, or morning of, is when you should place signage throughout your neighborhood. Signs should be clearly written in large blocks so that they’re easily visible to drivers. Include large arrows that help guide people to your door. Remember the most successful garage sales are the ones people know about.

Join Forces

To have a really successful garage sale, and to make for a fun experience, join forces with your neighbors or friends. The more stuff you add to your community sale, the better chances that potential buyers will actually stop, and shop. Just keep track of whose stuff is sold, and for how much, so that you can tally it up at the end of the sale.

Set Realistic Prices

Sure, it may be tempting to place premium price tags on your items, but you probably won’t get that price. If your prices are too high, you risk annoying potential buyers, and losing a sale. When pricing, it’s important to consider what you would pay if you were to buy the item used. Make sure price tags are on everything you plan on selling.

Group Like Items Together

Garage sale shoppers are often looking for specific items to purchase such as baby gear, clothes, and home decor. To make their shopping experience more enjoyable, take the time to group like items together in neat rows. Sort clothing by sizes, seasons, and gender. To increase your chances of making a sale, make sure everything is clean, and in good condition.

Place Big Ticket Items Near the Street

Keep in mind that big ticket items such as furniture, gym equipment, and appliances tend to lure people out of their cars. If people can’t see them, chances are they’ll just pass on by. If you’re selling these in-demand items, place them closer to the street and away from the garage door, so that they’re immediately visible. Keep electronics, jewelry, and other more expensive items tucked away.

Get the Kids Involved

Are your children trying to earn a few bucks to get the newest and greatest toy? Set up a lemonade/water and store bought cookie stand — and let them run it. Lemonade/water stands are often more profitable than you’d think – especially on a hot, sunny day – plus your children will have a blast helping out. Even .25$ can add up pretty quickly.

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