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March 9, 2015

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A garage seems like such a simple-looking mechanism. At just one push of a button you can tell your garage to open or close. That’s pretty powerful! While a garage is easy to work with when it’s functioning properly, if there are any signs of a broken garage spring or off track garage door, you should be careful. You should not attempt any major garage door repairs by yourself. Although, there ARE a few maintenance tips you can keep up with! Our hope is to help you prevent future garage door issues.

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Have you done all of these yet?

  • Lubrication

A noisy garage door is extremely annoying, and totally unnecessary! Most people think that you can spray a little WD-40 on your garage door springs and tracks and the sound will vanish. We’re here to set the record straight! WD-40 was not designed to be a long-term lubricant. Lithium or silicone lubricate spray’s are designed to work with the metal parts, chains, and rollers on your garage door.

  • Track cleansing

Sometimes people assume that your garage track needs lubrication, when that’s not always the case. Adding lubricant can actually attracted more dust and interfere with how your garage is operating. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the tracks, that should take care of your cleaning needs. If there is more of a sticky residue on your track, it is a good idea to use a solvent metal cleaner.

  • Realigning Garage Door Sensors

If you garage door has randomly stopped opening or closing, we recommend checking your garage door sensors first. You will find your garage sensors at the bottom of both sides of your garage door. These are little but important aspects to a properly running garage. Make sure your garage sensors are aligned and that no obstructions are blocking their ability to work.

These are just little, but helpful tips to be mindful of while caring for your garage! For more information, your ARIZONA GARAGE DOOR company can help you with all of your garage door questions and needs!

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