Here Is How to Prepare for an Upcoming Garage Door Installation

By: azadmin
October 1, 2021

repairing garage door

Upgrading your garage door is an excellent decision for several reasons. It can increase the property value, improve the curb appeal, and add another layer of home security. But before the new door arrives, there are several things the homeowner should do to fully prepare.

Here are a few crucial steps that will ensure a smooth and fast installation process.

Move the vehicles

The absolute first step is to move all the vehicles from the garage. The installers will need all the space they can get. However, if one vehicle has to stay in the garage, ensure that the space under the opener is free. Keep in mind that if the car stays in the garage, there is a significant risk of damage, and the installation process might be interrupted.

Clean the area thoroughly

Ensure that bicycles, toys, garden tools, and anything similar are removed from the work area. Furthermore, if there is anything in the garage of high value, be sure to relocate it somewhere safe.

It’s not necessary to clean every corner of the garage and have it spotless. But the work area should be clear and relatively clean.

Ensure kids and pets are not present

The installation of garage doors requires the use of power tools and dangerous equipment. While curious children might enjoy watching the process unfold, it’s not a safe place for them. The same goes for pets. Don’t let your dog or cat roam around the installers while they do their work.

Choose the location for the opener

When upgrading the garage door to an automatic system, homeowners need to select the spot for the opener. Naturally, this is something to be discussed before the installation starts. Waiting too long to pick the right opener spot might slow down the process and keep the installation team on your property for longer. The opener typically goes close to the outlet or at a location easily reached with an extension cord.

Prepare questions for the installation team

When the garage door is all set up and working correctly, it’s the right time to ask the installation team questions about maintenance. Proper preventative measures will likely ensure that the garage doors work well in the long run. Therefore, it’s wise to gather relevant information, including details about safety inspections and warranties.

Effortless garage door installation

Once the installation of your garage door is scheduled, preparing the garage is the next step in the process. Removing the vehicles can be the last item on the to-do list until the installers arrive. When the new garage door is in working order, talk to the garage door installation company about the maintenance and warranty.

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