The Top Causes of Garage Door Damage

By: azadmin
September 1, 2021

man repairing door spring

The garage door doesn’t seem too complicated in terms of design, but it consists of numerous parts. All of these parts can potentially break down.

Homeowners are typically busy with maintenance within the house and might be surprised by garage door damage. It would help if you learned more about how to take care of your garage door. Here are the most common causes of damage.

Worn parts

The hinges and bolts in the garage door won’t last forever. After some time, they’ll become corroded, and the door will start jamming or not working correctly.

The same applies to broken springs that get damaged from frequent use. Another factor that will prevent the garage door from smoothly moving is worn rollers.

Run-down rollers will result in rough and bumpy movement of the door. Each of these parts, once damaged, will likely require complete replacement and cannot be repaired.

Electrical problems

If the garage door uses electricity to open and close, prepare for an occasional blown fuse. When a homeowner suddenly finds their garage door has completely stopped working, that’s typically the reason.

It would be best if you did not tamper with the fuse box or electricity. Call a licensed electrician and have them examine and fix the problem.

Misaligned track

Prolonged use of garage doors for years could begin to break down due to bent or misaligned metal tracks.

For the doors to slide along smoothly, the tracks must be perfectly aligned with the garage doors. If that’s not the case, it’s best to contact a professional garage door company to solve the issue.

Sensor issues

A disconnected sensor is a relatively common but often overlooked reason why the garage door might not open or close. There is a tiny sensor on each side of the garage door, often called a photo-eye.

These sensors are a crucial safety feature, and they must work correctly. When an object knocks into a sensor, it might become disconnected from the other sensor. However, water damage is a frequent culprit too.

Weather damage

Depending on where you live, weather can be a vital factor in the overall lifespan of your garage door. A fallen tree branch can damage the door, and cold winter temperatures can cause springs to snap.

Heavy rains and intense heat can penetrate the garage door’s surface and damage them as a whole.

General lack of maintenance

Unfortunately, when the garage door finally starts malfunctioning enough for homeowners to stop and notice, the odds are the damage is significant.

It’s easy to ignore minor issues and not think much of them. However, routine maintenance will keep all the problems mentioned above at bay.

Let’s face it—replacing a garage door can be an expensive endeavor. It’s much more prudent to take the time and effort to maintain it well.

Lubricating hardware and checking the condition of the springs from time to time goes a long way. However, contact a reliable licensed garage door company if the damage is too significant or involves complicated solutions.

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