How to Stop a Garage Door Opener From Beeping

By: azadmin
April 5, 2021
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Premium garage door openers come with many advantages. However, the ones with newer technology can quickly confuse first-time owners. For instance, a garage door opener continuously beeping is quite annoying but is a relatively straightforward issue to troubleshoot and fix. Here’s why the garage door opener might beep and how to fix it.

Using a timer

If the garage door opener runs on a set timer, it sounds off to notify people nearby when the doors start to close. The opener beeps, and lights flash just before closing as a warning for people to get out of the way. Unfortunately, timer-based systems don’t come with a silence function. The only option to prevent beeping in the future is to forgo the timer and use the garage door opener like a traditional device.

Beeping every two seconds

If the garage door opener beeps every two seconds when running, it indicates that it is using battery power. Modern openers have a failsafe battery backup when the main power supply is out. The opener will also maintain a solid orange light on its power display. Therefore, if you don’t have power in the rest of the garage or home, there’s no reason to worry. As soon as the main power comes back, the beeping stops on its own.

However, if the garage door opener runs on battery power even while connected to a working power supply, it could signal an underlying issue. Plug another appliance into the outlet reserved for the garage opener to check whether it’s producing power. If there’s no power to that outlet, call an electrician. But if the garage has power and the garage opener won’t use it, contact a local garage service for a thorough inspection. In the worse cases, it could mean the opener has a loose connection or a failing supply and needs repairs or replacement.

Beeping every thirty seconds

The garage door opener also beeps if its backup battery power is running down. It will continue beeping whether it’s working or idle. The opener will display a solid red color. The only way to permanently stop the beeping and continue to use the opener is to replace the backup battery.

Fortunately, the beeping can be stopped temporarily. If you unplug the unit and remove the battery, plugging it back in gets rid of the “low battery” warning. The garage door will then work only while the main power is on and won’t have a backup system until the new battery is installed.

Garage door issues don’t occur often and can take homeowners by surprise. Luckily, a beeping garage opener is only a warning and generally a simple fix that doesn’t require professional assistance. For anything more troublesome, contact a qualified garage door repair service for help.

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