Three Kinds of Garage Door Openers and Their Benefits

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May 5, 2021
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When garage doors break down, the entire opener system usually needs to be replaced with a newer model. Knowing which type of garage door opener you had combined with knowledge of the most popular options on the market will make it easier to choose a door opener to suit your needs. Garage door openers can frequently last for 15 years or more, making them a considerable investment that needs to align with the owner’s goals and requirements for the foreseeable future.

Our guide will detail the benefits of the most common garage door opener types and when each kind makes the most sense to use.

Chain and belt drive openers

Garage door openers most commonly utilize a metal chain or a rubber belt to run the trolley that opens and closes the doors. The chain-driven model is the most economical option available on the market, and is extremely durable to boot. With infrequent lubrication, chain-driven openers will work perfectly for years before they need to be replaced. One major downside of using a chain opener is that it makes significant noise while moving the trolley. Rooms near the garage won’t be spared the metallic cacophony, so it’s advisable to put living rooms and bedrooms further from the garage if possible.

Belt-driven garage door openers are a bit more expensive than chain-based versions, but they work relatively quietly and are faster. They are perfect if you have a bit more room in your budget and the garage is not sound-proofed. The quiet operation is usually worth the premium cost, and higher-end models typically require less maintenance and have better warranties.

Screw drive openers

Screw-driven openers use a threaded steel rod to move the trolley directly via twisting. A screw-based opener has fewer moving parts than the chain or belt opener and usually requires less maintenance. It’s also less of a hazard if it breaks because the rod won’t swing around wildly and damage property. These opener types are not as quiet as belt-driven openers but are less noisy than a chain door opener. However, it requires lubrication to run flawlessly.

Wall-mounted openers

When space is at a premium, wall-mounted garage door openers (also known as side-mount or direct-drive) are the perfect solution. These openers don’t use a rod or a belt to drive the trolley, letting the motor do the heavy lifting entirely. The pulley system these openers use makes very little noise while working and requires minimal maintenance. It’s usually a more expensive solution than chains or belts, but it’s the best option for owners that need more usable space in the garage.

When you’ve chosen the perfect garage door opener type, make sure it’s installed correctly. Professional garage door services will ensure flawless installations, provide accurate and generous warranties, and repair any broken openers without a hitch.

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