Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Not Opening with Remote

By: azadmin
December 1, 2020

Operating the garage door from the comfort of the car with a remote is both comfortable and convenient. Being stuck with a garage door that doesn’t open or close even after pressing the garage door opener multiple times is a situation no homeowner would want to find themselves in. But issues do happen due to the type of use given a garage door. Any functional problem, big or small, will require the services of a professional garage door repair company that will find the root cause and work to fix it quickly and efficiently.

There can be several reasons why the garage door won’t open with a remote control. Here we look at the most common causes:

Dead Batteries

Sometimes people don’t pay attention to the most obvious reasons behind things not working. One of the common reasons behind a non-functional garage door can be dead transmitter batteries. If the door is operating normally with the wall transmitter, replace the remote control battery to see if it works. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call the professionals to replace or reprogram the transmitter.

Broken or disconnected power source

If the garage door is unplugged from the power source or the power source is damaged, it will refuse to open.

Blocked photo-eye sensor

Modern garage doors come with photo-eyes sensors set at the base on either side of the door that transmit an invisible beam to detect if anything is blocking the door’s path. When interrupted, the door stops in its tracks. Check for damaged cords or clean the photo-eyes as they might be clogged with dirt and dust.

Disrupted signals

When the garage door fails to open with remote control, the reason may be a disrupted signal between the transmitter and remote. An out of range remote or a damaged antenna may be behind it.

Misaligned tracks

An off the track garage door will not slide properly or makes unusual sounds. Look for bends, gaps between rollers, or bumps. Take professional help to realign the track.

Broken springs

Broken torsion springs can also disrupt the garage door function. It is most likely due to a spring break if you hear a loud sound resembling a gunshot or firecracker. It is an inevitable issue as they only last for a certain number of cycles.

Snapped cables

When the torsion spring breaks, the cables will snap too immediately. It is a serious issue that needs immediate professional attention.

Out of adjustment sensitivity

In the case of new garage doors, setting the sensitivity too high or low can give the garage door a hard time opening up. To fix it, reset the sensitivity.

Limit setting maladjustment

If the door rises again after it has been duly closed, a misadjusted limit setting on the garage door opener is the culprit. A garage door service professional can inspect and adjust the settings as required.

An enabled disconnect switch

Garage door openers are equipped with a disconnect switch, knob, or cord to help garage owners open or close the door manually in case of power outages. If the motor disconnects from the door due to an accidentally switched disconnect, the garage door will face issues.

Call a garage repair company if your garage door won’t open with the remote despite all efforts.

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