The Importance of Lubricating Garage Door Chain

By: azadmin
January 4, 2021

Garage doors open and close every time we push a button—until they don’t. While the doors are built to withstand bad weather and impacts over a long period, they still require maintenance to get them up and running again if something goes wrong.

One of the standard procedures to care for the garage doors is lubricating the door chain. The chain is responsible for pulling the doors open and closing them again. For that reason, it gets a lot of use and wears over time.

Lubricating the garage chain might not seem important now, but it’s better to do it regularly than put it off until it’s too late.

Benefits of lubricating the chain

The garage door chain needs lubrication to perform effectively. Here are the main benefits of periodic maintenance:

  • Smooth operation: A well-lubricated chain ensures no snags while the doors are opening or closing.
  • Prevent damage: Garage doors are bound to break down eventually. However, lubing up the chain will help prolong the door’s lifetime and minimize damage.
  • Save money: Regular maintenance of the garage doors can help prevent significant snags or damage. In severe cases, the doors and the entire mechanism would need to be replaced entirely, which can be costly for a homeowner who has more than enough on their mind already.
  • Lower noise: A rusty old chain will make unwelcome rattling noises when the garage doors open or close. A high-quality lubricant will help the process be as quiet and quick as possible.

What products to use

Most people would usually grab the trusty old WD-40, but it is not a viable replacement for a high-quality chain lubricant. While the water-repellant oil-based formula will remove some rust from the chain, it won’t provide the long-term lubrication it needs to work correctly.

Check the garage door specifications to see if they mention particular lubricants to use on the chain. Otherwise, contact a garage door service. They know the specific models of chains and doors and will provide accurate advice on the best product to use for your chain.

Cleaning the door chain

The first step in the cleaning process is to turn off the power to the garage doors. It prevents the doors from opening by accident while a new coat of lubricant is being applied.
Before applying the lubricant, the chain and surrounding parts need to be cleaned thoroughly for old grease, lubricants, dirt, and rust. Piling more lube on without properly removing the previous application will make the chain more likely to clog or deteriorate faster. Keep old rags at hand, as cleaning old chains can quickly become a messy ordeal. Also, we recommend using eye protection.

Once the chain is cleaned up, apply the lubricant of choice to the entire chain, making sure to cover both sides and ends.
Lastly, plug the power back in and test the garage doors a few times. If there’s still some noise or difficulties opening or closing the doors, use a bit more lube.

Sometimes, the doors might not work, even with adequately lubricated chains. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to call us to inspect the doors and troubleshoot any problems.




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