Smart Garage Door Opener Advantages

By: azadmin
July 30, 2018
smart garage door opener

Four of the most desired features for garage door openers are: reliable performance, low maintenance, quiet operation, and ease of use. A belt-drive opener meets all these. Another popular option to consider is a smart garage door opener. A smart garage door opener awards you many advantages, including the ability to control your garage door and other smart devices with your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

Here are three of the advantages to this technology:


The greatest advantage to a smart garage door opener is the ability to monitor and control the door with your iPhone or Android via the accompanying app. Even if you’re working on your tan on a beach somewhere, if you have a wireless signal, you can monitor and control the door. You’ll need to connect the opener to your home Wi-Fi network to enable these features; make sure to watch the following video for instructions.

Peace of Mind

It can also alert you each time the door is opened. When an authorized user operates the door using his or her smartphone, an event is logged into the app and an alert, in the form of a push notification or email is sent to your phone. You are in complete control here as well: These alerts can be customized to meet your specific needs. This is peace of mind traditional openers cannot provide.

Automatic Closing

Some smart openers allow for automatic closing. This is done through a technology called geofencing. Geofencing uses Wi-Fi or GPS to trigger a pre-programmed action each time a connected device enters or leaves your virtual perimeter. Opting into location services is required. You can also set it to automatically close the door as soon as your phone is out-of-range. Talk about convenient!

Connecting Your Smart Garage Door Opener

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