Stuck Garage Door? Troubleshoot It Here!

By: azadmin
June 25, 2018
stuck garage door

A stuck garage door can be frustrating – especially when you were supposed to leave home 10 minutes ago. To troubleshoot a door that won’t open or close, it’s a good idea to start with the most obvious problems, and work your way down to those that require professional intervention.

Here’s how to troubleshoot a stuck garage door.

Check the Batteries

Does the door ignore you when you press the remote button? It could be the batteries. Press the wall switch to check: If the door opens, swap out the batteries in the remote. Try opening the door again using the remote. The remote may also need to be replaced. If this doesn’t work, there are several other things you can do.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Poor lubrication can cause all kinds of problems. The rollers, hinges, and springs should all be lubricated as part of a regular maintenance schedule. This requires using a lubricant made specifically for garage doors. Please avoid getting any lubricant in the tracks. The tracks can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Align the Photo Eyes

Installed on both sides of the door, 6” above the floor, are the photo eyes. These sensors are designed to prevent entrapment by automatically reversing direction. If out of alignment, they won’t send any signals to the automatic opener, resulting in the door’s malfunction. Dirty lenses can have the same effect.

Gently adjust and then test them: Press the button to close the door. Then wave a long object in front them. The door should immediately reopen. Professional repair is required if the door fails this test. The International Door Association (IDA) recommends testing them monthly.

Examine the Tracks

Examine both the horizontal and vertical tracks for signs of damage. Damage to the tracks is often the result of an impact. You may be able to straighten out small bends yourself using a soft mallet. Anything more extensive will require repair. Worn rollers or an obstruction can also cause a stuck garage door.

Broken Door Spring?

Your garage door works because the springs, either torsion or extension, offset its weight. While the life expectancy of springs will vary dependent on door usage, they are commonly measured for 10,000 cycles. A cycle counts as one full operation (open and close) of the door.

They may break at the end of their life expectancy. Although it’s possible for them to break because of damage or rust as well. When they break, the door will not be operational, and a garage door repair professional should be called in. Full replacement is the only fix available for broken garage door springs.

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