Understanding the Difference Between Single and Sectional Garage Doors

By: azadmin
July 1, 2021

Sectional Garage Door

If you’re thinking about installing new garage doors, it’s important to understand the options. In terms of design, garage doors are either single panels or sectionals. The more traditional of the two are single-panel garage doors which come in one large piece.

Sectional garage doors are made of several horizontal panels joined together, which curve when going up. To get the complete picture, we’ll compare the two types of doors and highlight essential features.

Advantages of single-panel garage doors

Single-panel doors hang on a solid hinge system and slide in the space above the vehicle once opened. These days, single-panel garage doors are typically found in older homes. However, it’s still a fantastic option for several reasons.

They’re less expensive upfront

Replacing garage doors is a significant out-of-pocket expense for most homeowners. If the idea is to stay on the budget, single panel doors are a better option.

They’re simple

The installation process of single panel doors is faster and less complicated. This is because there are fewer parts involved, and most garage door companies will be able to handle it swiftly.

More variety

Choosing single panel garage doors allows homeowners to be pickier. The single panel style offers an extensive palette. It’s easy to select any material as there are no additional interjecting panels.

Disadvantages of single panel garage doors

There are a few notable drawbacks of this type of garage door worth mentioning.

Repairs are expensive

Indeed, single-panel garage doors will require less maintenance and repairs, but once they do break down, it’s a different story. If there’s severe damage, repairs are often not sufficient, and it’s necessary to replace them.

Space constrictions

Smaller garages are not the perfect fit for single-panel garage doors. Due to the angle at which they operate, they need a few extra feet of space to open.

Advantages of sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are a more modern solution and are often the standard. Here are several benefits of installing sectional garage doors.

They’re more durable

Sectional garage doors were made to sustain harsh weather conditions. They also allow greater control over how much the door is opened, allowing ventilation and sun protection.

They’re more secure

Sectional garage doors do not have a clear point of entry and offer better protection from intruders.

They’re compact

Unlike single-panel garage doors, sectional doors don’t need clearance to operate. The narrow range of motion makes them a perfect fit in smaller garages.

Disadvantages of sectional garage doors

While they are an excellent choice in almost any situation, there are a couple of reasons why they might not be perfect for everyone.

Frequent maintenance

Sectional garage doors will need regular upkeep to ensure they’re operating correctly. Routine maintenance will make a significant difference, but it can also be time-consuming.

They’re more expensive

This type of garage door will cost homeowners more due to the operating mechanism and practicality. However, they are typically a better long-term investment.

Choose the best doors for your garage

Single panel garage doors are less expensive, plus they’re a great choice if you’re building a retro-style home. On the other hand, sectional garage doors are more convenient, and if there’s an issue with garage space, they’re the obvious choice.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and budget restrictions. Either way, it’s essential to find the best possible garage door installation company for the project.

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