What to Do After a Garage Door Accident

By: azadmin
September 1, 2022

A car backing into the garage door is stressful and panicky. It usually happens when people are in a rush during morning hours. They reverse their car quickly while the garage door is yet to open fully, and before they notice it, the vehicle backs into the garage door. Ice buildup during winters can also cause the car to crash into the garage door on downward-sloping driveways.

A car crashing into the garage door is more common than several people realize and can happen to anybody. Several such incidents happen yearly, resulting in a garage door getting damaged or busted up. Although garage doors are robust and durable, it is essential to inspect them after ensuring everyone in the vehicle is fine and has not sustained any injuries.

Assess the damage

Regardless of how tempting it may seem, avoid opening or lowering the garage door immediately after an accident. Instead, inspect the garage door, inside and outside, and its parts to determine the severity of the damage. Some common issues that a garage door often experiences after a car backs into it include dented or broken panels, damage to the track, and roller misalignment. The damage will depend on the impact of the car crashing into the door. Check to see if the rollers are on track, the bottom of the garage door is dented or crooked, the rollers and hinges are correctly connected, and the automatic opener is working.

Note the damage

If anything in the garage door appears broken, damaged, or out of place, write it down before calling the professionals. Making a list of all the possible issues will be helpful while describing them to the garage door repair company and getting an accurate estimate. In addition, the technician will get an idea of what to expect and the type of repairs the garage door requires, allowing them to come well prepared.

Try and operate the garage door manually

If all the components look fine and the damage is only limited to the garage door, open the door safely manually instead of trying to open it with a remote. Using the automatic door opener to force it open can cause further damage to the entire system. Never operate an off-the-track garage door and call a technician for emergency repairs.

Call a local garage door company for door repair

Never attempt to make DIY fixes on a garage door, as it can lead to severe injuries or irreparable damage to the door. Even if the door appears fine and opens without much trouble, it is always best to call a garage door repair company and schedule a technician visit. They will assess the entire system, recommend repairs or replacements, and ensure that the door is fixed and functions safely and correctly.

Inform the insurance company

Make a decision whether to call the home insurance company based on the severity of damage and level of deductibles. For example, it is better to claim if the door requires replacement or significant structural repairs. Also, if the car is damaged, get an estimate from the car repair company before calling the car insurance provider.

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