Garage Door Failures

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March 1, 2022
Garage Maintenance

Garage Maintenance

The garage is an integral part of the home, keeping cars and objects safe from the elements. But, like all objects, the garage door may experience problems after extended use. That’s when homeowners must take action.

Here are some common garage door failures and possible solutions.

The garage door is stuck open or closed

If the garage door doesn’t respond to a remote control’s commands, it presents an urgent security issue as thieves can enter the garage and steal anything inside, including the car.

There are several possible reasons for a stuck garage door. For instance, the remote control may have bad batteries, the opener motor is damaged, or a fuse was blown. Checking each of these possible avenues of error may yield the cause. If not, calling a professional to pinpoint the issue may save time and money.

The motor runs without moving the door

The remote control and garage door are both in working order, but the door refuses to move when the button is pressed. However, the motor still functions as intended.

This situation may occur when the garage door isn’t connected to the motor belt. You’ll have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reattach the belt. It’s possible someone accidentally activated the emergency release cord.

A noisy garage door

After extended use, the garage door may make unusual noises when operating. These sounds are often symptoms of underlying issues with the hardware.

  • Squeaking sounds are a sign of rollers requiring lubricant. Using a silicone-based substance should eliminate the excessive noise, and a professional can also help you with the job.
  • Rattling sounds usually indicate a loose component. A homeowner can tighten the screws and bolts before operating the door again to alleviate the noise.
  • When there’s a popping sound, the torsion spring is likely too loose or needs lubricant. Only trained professionals should handle this issue.

Unusual operating speeds

Sometimes, the garage door will open or close but will move slowly. The culprit is likely unlubricated rollers or debris in the tracks. The door should travel at average speeds once you give the tracks a good wipe.

This issue occurs typically during winter or in dry locations. Frost will make it difficult for the door to slide, while dry places may make lubricant dry up quickly. Consistent cleaning and lubricating may solve the problem.

While many of these failures can be prevented with regular cleaning, some require specialized tools and knowledge. If there are problems beyond your ability, you can hire a professional company to help. Their skills and experience will solve the problem effectively.

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