How to Plan Your Perfect Garage Addition

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February 1, 2022
How to Plan Your Perfect Garage Addition

Garages have become one of the most essential and convenient rooms in modern households. Besides keeping the car safe from the elements, a garage hosts several household items and often serves as a workshop, game room, entertainment zone, or hang-out space. However, most people end up with a messy garage space with dirty and damaged floors, making it difficult to find things when needed amidst the clutter of boxes. Disorganized garages ruin the purpose of having an additional storage space in the first place. 

Fortunately, it is never too late to design your dream garage space and use it for the desired purpose. Here are a few ideas if you are planning a new garage addition or intend to facelift the existing one:

Plan the space around specific needs

Careful planning is the first step towards making your dream garage a reality. There are endless possibilities for a garage, and it is essential to determine how you will utilize your space. Usually, people use garages as a home office, gym, hobby room, playroom, entertainment room, store garden equipment, tools, bikes, sporting gear, and other occasionally used household belongings. For old garages, decluttering is critical to free up valuable space. Define the purpose and then design the room accordingly.

Consider proper storage solutions

Storage is among the primary purposes a garage serves. Therefore, it is vital to eliminate clutter and keep things organized. Consider efficient storage solutions while also leaving space for personal projects. Choose ceiling-mounted racks, shelves, slat walls, car lifts, cabinets, pegboards, and tool storage solutions made from sturdy materials, depending on the function of the garage. When choosing storage solutions, look for aesthetics, ease of access, and functionality. 

Do not overlook the flooring

Flooring is a vital aspect to consider when upgrading your garage. Most garages have concrete floors that develop cracks and oil and grease spots over time. Updating the flooring can completely transform the look of the garage. Pick a flooring material with a pattern and style that looks beautiful and is easy to clean and maintain. You can also consider durable, attractive, and customizable epoxy floor coating to enhance the beauty of concrete floors.

Choose the best garage door

A garage door significantly impacts your home’s curb appeal, value, and security. Replace the old and outdated garage door with a new one having advanced safety features and high R-value to avoid accidents and lower your utility bills. Choose from a myriad of garage door styles and complete it with an electric garage door opener for easy and smooth operation.


Consider insulating the garage or installing a dedicated HVAC system to regulate the temperature and create a more comfortable space. An insulated garage cuts the energy use and keeps the utility bills under control. Also, drywall the garage and paint the walls and floors with high-quality paint to enhance the overall look.


A dark and gloomy garage space is no fun at all. Brighten your garage with attractive lighting options or, if possible, allow more natural light into it. Use bright colors when repainting or add mirrors to make the space appear big and bright. Accessorize the garage to let it reflect your taste and style.

Contact a professional garage service company for assistance in creating your perfect garage.

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